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Emily is the daughter of Nicole Jackson, a good friend to Kal for over fifty years. Attending Kals retirement party as a guest Emily, a former Cosmopolitan journalist, now TV Producer seizes the opportunity to answer questions that have haunted her since she was a child.

She's feisty, driven and has a nose for unearthing buried truths and solving mysteries. Successful and ambitious, Emily is already an acknowledged recipient of three of her industries investigative awards Once again, Emily is captured by the mystique of her Mothers life-long friend Kal and those at his party...

To quote Emily;

"... actually, I got here through hard work and commitment. I'm nothing special – no, that's not true; I'm actually fucking brilliant. What I mean is, same as anyone, I have ups and downs. We all do. Like you, I have to take the knocks sometimes, but generally, if you look past all the shit – well, it's what we make of it. These days It actually pays to be a girl with a pair of balls, big balls. 


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From a young boy, Kal depends upon the unconditional love of his dog as he navigates through childhood and adolescence.

Kal has an escape, an access to beauty and spirituality most only dream of. But joining a secret society he slowly withdraws from a normal life whilst continuing to enjoy the guidance, expectation and unconditional love of another-worldly land.

This utopia comes at a high price for the lowly Kal. From a bruised beginning he embarks a twelve-year journey of painful revolution, followed by a seven-year passage of liberty, adventure and heartache. Walk with him to experience the trauma, emotion and excitement of his life experience in the first book, KAL - taking him from age nine to twenty-five.


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